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Terms and conditions

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This website www.zehnhof.it

(hereinafter also referred to as the “Site”) is the property of “Cantina ZEHNHOF di Rossi Giacomo”, Winery with head office in Via Antonio Rosmini, 52A, Roverè della Luna (TN) Italy, VAT no. 00510610223 (hereinafter also referred to as “Zehnhof” or “Cantina Zehnhof”) and is intended for the promotion and sale of Zehnhof products.

The Terms and Conditions set out below:

– define and regulate the general conditions of use of the Site; the use of the Site by each visitor must therefore take place in full compliance with them;

– they must be taken into account by any visitor, who must accept their content, otherwise he/she will not be able to use the Site;

– they may be amended by Zehnhof, which periodically takes care to bring them to the attention of visitors via the Site in their updated version. Any changes made shall take effect after publication on the Site and shall apply only to transactions concluded subsequently. Their acceptance by the visitor shall be deemed to have been achieved following connection to and/or use of the Site; if the visitor does not agree to the changes, the visitor may not use the Site.




The Website and the service for the sale and purchase of Zehnhof products are intended exclusively for visitors and customers of legal age (>18 years).

Visitors who intend to register and/or purchase Zehnhof products declare and guarantee that they are of legal age, that the personal data provided are true, up to date and refer to themselves, and that they undertake the obligation to inform Cantina Zehnhof should it be necessary to update them.

In order to be able to purchase Zehnhof products, the visitor must provide certain information of a personal nature and indicate an e-mail address so that the purchase can be finalized. The visitor providing this data is solely responsible for the truthfulness and updating of the information provided.

In any case, the user has the right to request the cancellation of his or her data by sending an e-mail to privacy@zehnhof.it specifying in the subject line “Cancellation of personal data”.


Products and their sale


All products, with an indication of their price, constitute an offer to the public, subject to the specifications contained on the Site and in these Terms and Conditions.

The photographs illustrating the products have a merely representative function and are intended solely to present the products. Cantina Zehnhof consequently declines all responsibility and provides no guarantee with regard to the correspondence between the graphic appearance of the products published and that of the products delivered.

All prices include VAT. The cost of delivery and handling is not included in the price of the products unless expressly indicated.

The visitor may accept the offers to the public and consequently purchase the products of Cantina Zehnhof by selecting the products of interest in the “shop” section of the website and adding them to the shopping cart.

Once the minimum purchase amount has been reached, where applicable indicated on the Site, the visitor will have the task of:


  1. check the products added to the basket and their prices, as well as the total amount due;
  2. confirm their shipping and billing information;
  3. choose the payment method from those available
  4. enter any coupon codes, if applicable, indicated on the Site;
  5. proceed with the purchase order.


In the event of subsequent failure in the payment process, the purchase order will not be valid and will be immediately cancelled.

Acceptance by Cantina Zehnhof of the purchase order shall result in the immediate debit of the amount of the expense according to the method of payment selected.

Following acceptance of the order, the customer will receive confirmation by e-mail of the purchase, with an express indication of the summary of the products ordered and their prices, the estimated delivery date and the general and special conditions applicable to the order itself.

The customer can pay by PayPal or credit card of his choice, using the services of PayPal as provider of the payment system. The customer is connected to the PayPal site where he makes payment in accordance with the methods accepted by PayPal and in compliance with the relevant conditions.

Cantina Zehnhof has the right to:


  • request additional information from the customer or the sending of copies of documents proving ownership of the payment instruments used;
  • refuse to accept the purchase order and/or terminate the contract with immediate effect if the customer fails to provide the information and/or copies of documents proving ownership of the payment instruments used.


Under no circumstances may Zehnhof be held liable for any fraudulent use of credit cards by third parties when paying for Products purchased on the Website.

For purchases made by holders of a VAT number, it is possible to request the issue of an invoice by sending a specific request by email to info@zehnhof.it, including the invoicing data, the customer being responsible for the correctness of the data. The customer is aware that Cantina Zehnhof will be unable to issue an invoice if the above-mentioned e-mail notification is not sent.

Copies of receipts or invoices shall be sent by Zehnhof following payment.

Zehnhof entrusts the delivery of the products to professional couriers. The delivery of the purchased products shall take place at the address indicated by the Customer on condition that it can be reached by normal means of transport (no dirt roads, etc.). If the address provided by the Customer is not easy to reach, it is the Customer’s responsibility to notify Zehnhof, which shall reserve the right to confirm or reject the order.

Delivery without the presence of the Customer is subject to Zehnhof’ s discretion.

For any anomalies found on the Products, other than those due to the physiological deterioration of the wine products or the mere imperfection of the packaging, the Customer may contact the Company at the e-mail address customercare@zehnhof.it, specifying the defects found and documenting them with photographic material.

Cantina Zehnhof shall in no case be liable for any delays occurring during transport.




Visitors to the Site and those who are preparing to purchase Cantina Zehnhof products are aware that the right of withdrawal applies only to those products purchased on the Site which can be returned to Cantina Zehnhof intact, with their seal and returned to the market without risk to the health of the consumer. Consequently, goods which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly, or sealed goods which have been opened after receipt, or which are not suitable for return for reasons of hygiene or health protection, cannot be returned.

The Customer acknowledges that he/she may exercise the right of withdrawal for any reason whatsoever, without having to provide an explanation and without any penalty, provided, however, that no more than 14 (fourteen) days have elapsed since the date of receipt of the products. Withdrawal must be exercised by sending a written notice by e-mail to customercare@zehnhof.it, specifying the order number, date of purchase, date of receipt of the products and the customer’s name.

On receipt of this notification, Cantina Zehnhof will initiate the return procedure and send the customer instructions by e-mail. On receipt of the products subject to withdrawal, Cantina Zehnhof will refund the customer within the next 14 (fourteen) days. The refund shall be made using the same method of payment used by the customer.


Obligations of the visitor to the Site


The visitor to the Site undertakes not to use the Site for illegal purposes or purposes not covered by the Terms and Conditions set out herein and in any case without damaging or impairing the Site or the use and enjoyment of the Site by other visitors.

The visitor also undertakes (i) not to use machines, algorithms, software or other automatic functions to generate calls to pages or materials, (ii) not to generate calls to pages, by means of “chain letters”, e-mails or other means, by which a person or group of persons is requested to consult a page and (iii) to notify Cantina Zehnhof immediately in the event of a suspected breach of security on the Site.


Obligations of Zehnhof

Cantina Zehnhof undertakes to comply with the regulations relating to the storage of the products as long as they are not handed over to the forwarding agent; any liability relating to the poor condition of the products due to poor storage after delivery is in any case excluded.

Cantina Zehnhof shall not be liable:


  • for the accuracy of the information and/or data contained on the website;
  • of the information provided/acquired directly by individual producers who are third parties to Zehnhof;
  • for any damage arising from the inaccessibility of the Site due to any reason whatsoever;
  • of the contents created or published on third party sites with which the Website has a hypertext connection (“link”). Visitors who decide to visit a website linked to the Site do so at their own risk, assuming the burden of taking all necessary measures against viruses or other malware.


Complaints regarding defects in purchased products must be sent to Cantina Zehnhof, under penalty of forfeiture, within 48 (forty-eight) hours of delivery, by e-mail to customercare@zehnhof.it, attaching photographic evidence of the complaint.

The customer is aware – and accepts – that sometimes not all the products specified in the order sent and accepted by Cantina Zehnhof can be delivered. In this case, Cantina Zehnhof shall promptly refund the amounts relating to the undelivered products; in no case may Cantina Zehnhof be held liable for any further loss and/or damage suffered as a result of non-delivery.


Termination and cessation of Site services


Cantina Zehnhof is entitled to prevent the visitor from accessing and using the Site, at any time and with immediate effect, in the event of breach by the visitor of his obligations under articles 2 (Visitors), 3 (Products and their sale) and 5 (Obligations of the Site visitor) above. With regard to these visitors, Cantina Zehnhof is authorized without prior notice to cancel orders placed and not yet delivered.

Access to the Site may be temporarily interrupted in the event of technical problems or in order to ensure its maintenance. If possible, notice of such interruptions will be given on the Site.

Cantina Zehnhof may at any time make improvements and/or changes to the website if this is necessary for technical reasons or in order to comply with current legislation.

Cantina Zehnhof may cease, in whole or in part, to offer products to the public at any time, without prejudice to the delivery of confirmed orders. In such cases, Cantina Zehnhof shall promptly inform visitors by e-mail and/or by means of a notice on the Site.


Privacy Policy


Cantina Zehnhof processes the personal data of its Customers in compliance with the regulations on privacy, as better specified in the information on the processing of personal data, Privacy Policy, available in the relevant section of the Site.


Applicable legislation, disputes


The use of the Site and the orders concluded for the purchase of products, as already regulated herein, and in general the relations between Cantina Zehnhof, visitors to the Site and customers are governed by Italian law.

Pursuant to Article 49(1)(V) of Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005 (Consumer Code), the visitor and/or the customer may avail themselves of the joint conciliation procedure. The procedure may be initiated if the visitor and/or customer, after having submitted a complaint to Cantina Zehnhof, has not received a reply within 30 (thirty) days, or has received a reply which they consider unsatisfactory.

Visitors and/or customers who decide to make use of the conciliation procedure are obliged to send their request to customercare@zehnhof.it .

Pursuant to Article 14 of EU Regulation No. 524/2013, the Registered User may also make use of the “ODR Platform” (Online Dispute Regulation), which can be reached by clicking on the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/odr .

Any disputes connected with and related to the use of the Site, which are not susceptible to settlement through the joint conciliation procedure, are reserved to the Italian jurisdiction and to the mandatory and exclusive territorial competence of the Court of Trento.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341-1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the parties declare that they have read and understood, and therefore expressly approve, Articles: 2 (Visitors), 5 (Obligations of visitors to the Site), 6 (Obligations of Zehnhof) 7 (Termination and cessation of Site services) and 9 (Applicable regulations, disputes).